Anchored and Holding Fast

Musings and delights of a mountain-dwelling, motorcycle-riding, hopeful Chief-of-sinners; a husband, father, brother, son. worshipper of the Three-In-One. I have been the betrayed, and I have been the betrayer.

"If God sends you down a stony path may He give you strong shoes."
~ Irish Proverb

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Sometimes, you just need to point the front tire in any direction and just go.

Took the long way home today. Needed a ride through the forest today to clear my mind and refresh my soul. Contrary to the look on my face, I very much enjoyed myself.

Coffee, Holy Scripture, and watching the sunrise over the pines.   
Good way to start out the day. 

Off to work, kids.  Hope you have a blessed day today.  

You are loved more than you can fathom.

amazing work!


amazing work!

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Fun with old wires…

I think I {may} have figured out why Cora was blowing her main fuse when I hit the brakes. A few wires under the seat had rubbed against a fender mount and seemed to be grounding out. Just spent an hour cleaning them up, re-routing, and re-wrapping them.

I REALLY hope this was it.

There’s not much more exciting than flying down a forest highway at night, tap on the brake and have your headlight go out or the main fuse pop.

…and second, and third, and….


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If you dig motorcycles…watch this.

“When Jesus invites us into the rest of his easy yoke, he is not saying that we can take it easy while he does all the work. Rest is not a couch where we kick back in front of the TV, glad to be home for the holidays. Rather, it is the place where we learn the rhythms of the work we were made for from the One who made us. Rest is coming home to the way of life that fits, learning to inhabit the story of God’s people and practice the craft of life with God wherever we are.”

—   Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, The Wisdom of Stability (via contrariansoul)

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