Anchored and Holding Fast

Musings and delights of a mountain-dwelling, ocean-loving, motorcycle-riding, hopeful Chief-of-sinners; a husband, father, brother, son. worshipper of the Three-In-One. I have been the betrayed, and I have been the betrayer.

"If God sends you down a stony path may He give you strong shoes."
~ Irish Proverb

Evening Prayer of Forgiveness

"O Lord our God, if during this day I have sinned, whether in word or deed or thought, forgive me all, for You are good and love mankind. Grant me peaceful and undisturbed sleep, and deliver me from all influence and temptation of the evil one. Raise me up again in proper time that I may glorify You; for You are blessed with Your Only-begotten Son and Your All-holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen."

Gratuitous old beard pic from a couple years ago. 

Good gracious, that thing was long. 

And a lot less gray.


Orcas Island Cabin, a 400 square foot cabin designed by Vandervort Architects. See more here!

(via theconglomeration)

Evening smoke of Shadow Mountain Blend while I watch the sun slowly disappear into the pines.

It’s back to the grind tomorrow, so I’m milking today for all it’s worth…

Oh, and stoked on the $4 vintage ceramic container I found today. Perfect for tobacco storage.

A picture I took in Roberts Cove, Ireland. 2010.

Please don’t remove the credit.  Cheers! 
Aspirations for my older years…

sailing by Zanthia on Flickr.